Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best video seen in ages "Stop the Drama" by MollyAnn Wymer of Greensboro, North Carolina

The makers of Dramamine could never have thought this up on their own. It's too funny for words, but it winds up being a video that mentions Dramamine more times (as well as shows the product box) than any standard commercial would. Check out the story here and watch MollyAnn's video. You will be laughing so hard, you'll cry. It's a brilliant, funny video you'll watch again and again.

On June 25, 2014, the world of pop culture was rocked with laughter as a new talent, MollyAnn Wymer, posted an innocuous little video on her Facebook page. With just one message to her Facebook friends she said: “Please watch this video. It was too important for a regular, typed status. Just keeping it real, I love ya’ll.”

See for yourself:

Attention Ellen De Generes: there’s a new video candidate for you to showcase on your program and something about the young lady will remind you of Dolly Parton at this age. MollyAnn Wymer is the latest Facebook and Internet sensation, and she is nothing short of hysterically funny, and G-rated. Wymer has the most hilarious solution to removing “drama” from your life, and it comes in the form of a simple solution that “treats symptoms on the spot.”

Her pitch for the product to remove the drama from your life will have you holding your sides from laughter. In less than 24 hours, she has 239 people “following her” and her original posting of the video has been shared 10,419 times but so many more people have shared it on their own Facebook pages and it has gone viral.

This latest pop culture sensation is a beautiful young blonde photographer who owns her own business, Mollyann Photography. She’s from Greensboro, North Carolina and she’s just starting out in her career, all of them. She’ll make you laugh as she shares her newfound remedy to “Stop the Drama” in your life.

Wymer’s own reaction to how her video is being received is as charming as she is unassuming. Initially her reaction (shared on her Facebook page) was “So, apparently I’m a great actress…someone thought I was as big of an idiot as I sounded like in my video! Hahahahahaa”. A few hours later she added “The Hatorade is real y’all. My video has been shared over 220 times!!! What the freak?!? Some people think I’m actually a dumb blond! LOL. Best hater comment yet, “She’s keeping it about as real as that from the box blonde and the fuzzy brown wooly worm eyebrows”…mmm hmmmm.”

Finally after the overwhelming sharing of her work kept on going and going, Wymer posted “Taking my Drama Mine and putting my arse to bed…” She woke up to find “my video has been shared 499 times!!! I’m so freaking tickled about it!!! Wow!!! And by noon today she added, “1258 shares…OMFreakingGee!!!” After reposting the link “Stop the Drama” that was shared 103 more times just from her page alone, by 5 pm North Carolina time, she noted that with 2,437 shares, “I’m hyperventilating now.”

With every good work on the Internet, you’ll find a few negative folks who choose to opine and rain on your parade. But MollyAnn isn’t budging from her happy place. She had a message for the negatories: “Oh hater comments how I love the power of the Delete button! No time for your Drama….Peace out haters…take thine arses elsewhere!!!” Shakespeare would be proud, or at least her mother would be.

Just before midnight on June 26, 2014, she noted “9,365 (shares) and with that and the 2,000 Facebook notifications I’ve received today…I. Am. Crashing!”

But, Wymer is more than just a young comedienne, or a photographer, she’s a singer for real. The kid is a natural as she offered a comment to go with her Colbie Callet cover of “Magic”: “Because of the influx of new followers and friends….just so y’all know….I sing a little too.” She does, and she’s receiving many encouraging accolades from her newfound followers and friends. Just one more way she shares her versatility and diversity in interests.

Wymer also shared another video on a more serious topic that she’d posted on June 10, 2014. The video is called “The Bomb,” and she noted, “Just sharing my own dealings with domestic violence. It can happen at any level in a family or relationship. I just want everyone that is going through it to know that they are not alone.”

In December 2013, after the encouragement of many of her friends, she sent in a video audition to NBC’s “The Voice.” Her audition song was a dramatic, serious version of “It Was Always You.” Whether or not she winds up on “The Voice,” this girl is going to show up on television somewhere, soon. Very soon. With her gift of comic delivery, Roseanne might want to tap her for a guest spot on “Last Comic Standing” before the season ends.

Now, back to the funny side of MollyAnn. Her video “Stop the Drama” is only 1:57 minutes long. Chances are good you will hit the “repeat” button at least twice. Chances are good you might even share it on your own Facebook page. And, chances are better than even that the staff on the Ellen DeGeneres show will eventually catch wind of this video and, after they get through screaming with laughter, will place that call to Greensboro, North Carolina and ask her to come on over to the show.

Given that the product Wymer is showcasing is made by Prestige Brands and the number of times their product is being seen in this latest window of opportunity, they may want to add her video to their Facebook page. After all, their corporate mission statement notes, "For generations, our trusted brands have helped consumers care for themselves and their loved ones." That matches up nicely enough with Wymer's wit.

MollyAnn wisely converted the Facebook video to a YouTube video. Watch it here and guess how many times the “Stop the Drama” will be viewed by the time she wakes up tomorrow. But for now Wymer needs a little rest. She’s going to take a little power nap. As she says, “Our nation is sleep deprived.” Truer words were never spoken. Good luck to MollyAnn Wymer. She’s going to be a star. Just wait and see.

[Update: On June 28, 2014, Wymer said that the response to her video has been "overwhelming and a total surprise." The dynamic young woman revealed that she's the mother of five wonderful children and loves every minute of that role in addition to her work as a photographer. It also explains how she has such a great sense of humor. With close to 17,000 views on YouTube (not to mention over 50,000 views and more shares on Facebook) in two days, she's bound to find her way to television before long. The makers of Dramamine should move fast and post her video on their web site. If producers of the Ellen DeGeneres Show are reading this, Wymer can be reached at MollyAnn Wymer is a fresh new face for a world who can stand to take itself just a little less seriously at times. Watch it again, you'll still be laughing in an hour. Stop the Drama!] Stop the Drama! hahaha

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Music Industry Vets Launch Singer/Songwriter Kevin Miso and his Summer Debut Single, ‘Zombie’

What do music legend James William Guercio, music publisher Don Williams and bass genius/producer Kenny Passarelli have in common? They're all excited about launching a new singer/songwriter, Kevin Miso, and his single "Zombie"---no, not the walking dead kind of Zombie, but the kind of state we all get into when we're stuck in a on the song/video in the story and kick back...transports you to SoCal beach tempo, life is good, all is calm... 

Check out the full story at:

For more on Kevin Miso, his web site is and you can also find and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Join his journey today.

Here are some photos (courtesy of Google images) of the powerful, talented team behind Kevin Miso's new single. They bring major creds to this project.

 Kenny Passarelli is an award-winning singer/songwriter, and first choice bass player.
Don Williams Music Publishing has a history of hitmaking music from its inception.
Williams began innovating music licensing back in the mid 90s via the Internet, which was state-of-the-art and groundbreaking.

 As a young man James William Guercio was a bass player for singing duo Chad and Jeremy. Guercio is credited with helping get their touring band together for their US tour. Guercio eventually became their tour manager.
 JWGuercio with Beach Boys' drummer Brian Wilson  back in the day.
 Jim Guercio is at home on the bass, but he's also at home producing hit records.
 Jim Guercio and The Buckinghams' Carl Giammarese in Chicago catching up on good times.