Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Music Industry Vets Launch Singer/Songwriter Kevin Miso and his Summer Debut Single, ‘Zombie’

What do music legend James William Guercio, music publisher Don Williams and bass genius/producer Kenny Passarelli have in common? They're all excited about launching a new singer/songwriter, Kevin Miso, and his single "Zombie"---no, not the walking dead kind of Zombie, but the kind of state we all get into when we're stuck in a rut...click on the song/video in the story and kick back...transports you to SoCal beach tempo, life is good, all is calm... 

Check out the full story at: 

For more on Kevin Miso, his web site is www.kevinmiso.com and you can also find and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Join his journey today.

Here are some photos (courtesy of Google images) of the powerful, talented team behind Kevin Miso's new single. They bring major creds to this project.

 Kenny Passarelli is an award-winning singer/songwriter, and first choice bass player.
Don Williams Music Publishing has a history of hitmaking music from its inception.
Williams began innovating music licensing back in the mid 90s via the Internet, which was state-of-the-art and groundbreaking.

 As a young man James William Guercio was a bass player for singing duo Chad and Jeremy. Guercio is credited with helping get their touring band together for their US tour. Guercio eventually became their tour manager.
 JWGuercio with Beach Boys' drummer Brian Wilson  back in the day.
 Jim Guercio is at home on the bass, but he's also at home producing hit records.
 Jim Guercio and The Buckinghams' Carl Giammarese in Chicago catching up on good times.

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