Saturday, December 11, 2021

James Holvay Offers Healing Holiday Music, Calms a Stormy Week

Late Friday night across some parts of the United States, weather damage to cities and residents was so devastating that if you were in the path of two tornadoes in St. Louis, four tornadoes in Kentucky, or 60 mph winds that ripped through Chicago overnight, you woke up to the aftermath of the fierce but invisible tumult at your door.

Just when the storms were starting to kick up locally, I hoped to see some sign of positivity and goodness.

And there it was, right after midnight, in the form of a YouTube video released by award-winning singer-songwriter James Holvay (of The MOB and The Buckinghams’ fame).

In a three-minute healing feel-good video, Holvay on guitar, accompanied by popular L.A. jazz bassist, Michael Saucier, offered a tremendous, blended version of “Silent Night” and “Amen.” Mother and daughter Ariana Rogers-Wright and Nala Ruby Rogers-Wright share their joy at being caroled, at seeing all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, and production assistant Debi Otto captured perfectly the little cherub being so relaxed after a night of caroling, lights, and joy that she went out like a light and was fast asleep in her mother’s arms.

At the end of stormy weeks and tumultuous days and nights this month so far, thanks to a rockin’ yet respectful rendition of a favorite Christmas carol and spiritual (written by Jester Hairston, a famous choral conductor, writer, and actor). Thanks, James, for starting the weekend off in perfect holiday style!

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