Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mark Dawson and the Kings of Snack’s ‘One Saturday Night’ is refreshing

You already know Mark Dawson as the lead singer (since 2011) for The Grass Roots. Dawson has been performing with them full time since 2008, having been selected by Rob Grill to handle the major vocal duties as he battled health issues during his final performing years. But Mark is also a singer-songwriter in his own right, and plays regularly with many bands he helped co-establish, including Simulcast, particularly focusing on the Florida performing area. The Chicago native also sings with vocalist Gladys Justiniano, and these are two of the six members of the newest, hippest band to form, Mark Dawson & the Kings of Snack. You can hear Mark Dawson each Thursday Night on Our Generation Radio with his own 2-hour funky, creative, sometimes off the wall radio shows, complete with stories from the road. Mark Dawson and Grass Roots' guitarist Dusty Hanvey will be on the 2015 Happy Together Tour, which will make all the Grass Roots fans happy to hear their songs. Here's the link to the full CD Review for the inaugural release by Mark Dawson & the Kings of Snack, called "One Saturday Night."

Here they are: Mark Dawson & the Kings of Snack. Check them out. You'll be glad you did. No Grass Roots fan should be without this CD--their version of "Temptation Eyes" is worth owning for that song alone.

To order the CD, click here.

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