Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sasha Alexander lands guest-starring role on ‘Shameless’

You have to give credit to actress Sasha Alexander. She's smart enough to not be typecast in some role for longer than a year or two. TV fans may have first come to know her from Dawson's Creek, and surely from "NCIS" as Special Agent Caitlyn Todd, a former U.S. Secret Service agent on Presidential Detail. Then she's a natural as child genius turned Boston Medical Examiner, Dr. Maura Isles on the TNT Drama, "Rizzoli & Isles." Now she'll have a six-episode story arc on Showtime's "Shameless." Personally speaking, she'd do better to guest on "Mom" for CBS but perhaps TNT contracts prohibit her from going back to the big-3 while the run is running? "Rizzoli & Isles" is on its mid-summer to mid-fall break right now and will be back in the season TNT calls "Winter." Meanwhile, I'll miss "Shameless" but be glad for the actress who's acting. That's Hollywood for gotta do what they say you gotta do, if you want to keep on working.
Sasha Alexander and her husband, director Edoardo Ponti, Getty Images, used with permission for

Image courtesy of TNT Drama.

Still, TNT Drama is offering quality programming alternatives to a lot of the yada yada boring programming on the Big-3.

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