Saturday, July 19, 2014

‘Begin Again’ Rewards a Search for Entertainment Amidst Lackluster Alternatives

It's a film that may or may not still be at "a theatre near you," but if your local cinema, cineplex, or cinerama is still showing "Begin Again," you'll want to run and see it before the week is out.
Begin Again” is a cast of Hollywood and television favorites joined together to play nobodies, and somebodies, who have experienced gradations of fame, fortune, falling down, and sinking further down, in the music business, without violence or overly gratuitous displays of “stupid.” 
Keira Knightly sings. 

John Carney has used his spirit from "Once" to make another feel-good movie. CeeLo Green is fun to see and doesn't overdo it, spot on. Adam Levine is having fun in his first feature film. My guess is that he dreamed as a kid of being in a movie and now, he is.
Click HERE for the full movie review. 

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