Tuesday, July 15, 2014

P.F. Sloan in Concert and Sharing Stories at Berkeley's Art House Gallery & Cultural Center

Anyone who claims to love rock music of the 60s and 70s knows music trivia. You might know what label a song is on, the title of the album its from, or even who the studio drummer on your favorite tunes are. If you do then chances are really good you know who Phil Sloan, and his writing/singing persona, P.F. Sloan, are in your world of classic rock.

Sloan was a young genius whose childhood was as unpleasant as they come, and yet, he rose above it to find inspiration and opportunities to make his mark on the music world. His autobiography, coauthored with S.E. Feinberg, is a must-read. I'll review the book in depth very soon as it is an outstanding work.

Berkeley's Art House & Cultural Gallery is hosting some of the best of the best musicians in the venue now becoming truly well known as the Bay Area's best music source. Owner Harold Adler is working with concert promoter and walking Wikipedia of classic rock, Mike Somavilla, to keep the music coming, and the quality of the entertainment is phenomenal.

Click for the story http://dawnleewakefieldblog.blogspot.com/2014/07/pf-sloan-in-concert-and-sharing-stories.html See also on this website, a copy of the July 15, 2014 story "Iconic P.F. Sloan to Share New Rock Memoir and Music Memories in Berkeley, CA" (originally published online at examiner.com)

here to read the full story about what you'll hear at the Art House on Jul. 19, 2014.

P. F. Sloan was so influential in the successful careers of so many that amazing songwriter, Jimmy Webb, even wrote a song about Phil.  There's a tremendous singer, Rumer, whose voice is special to Sloan and Webb and together, and the YouTube has a story in Webb's own words and music that is both memorable and charming. Check it out. Then you might have a hint why the Berkeley Art House & Cultural Gallery will be filled to the gills on Saturday. If you have a song written about you, you've more than made your mark on music.

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