Saturday, July 19, 2014

Classic Rocker Paul Revere Puts Himself on Temporary Hiatus But Sends His Raiders on the Road with His Love and Blessings

It's about as easy for Paul Revere for sit at home while his very own beloved Raiders, they of the Paul Revere & the Raiders fame, go out and entertain the legion of fans who want to see him in concert, together. The Raider fans are a special and distinct group of people. Yes, some of them have the tricorner hats, some of them won in contests, others of them acquired as gifts, but when someone is a Paul Revere & the Raiders fan, they know all the songs, all the words to the songs, and chances are good they're seeing a Raiders concert for the 3rd or 4th time in the past 10 years. It's just a Raider thing.

What's fine about this hiatus is that it gives Paul Revere a chance to truly rest. He's done a fantastic job of managing to perform and receive medical treatment for some health challenges in the past year, but his spirit and will to be there for the fans is a fine offset to the "kick-you into your recliner" feeling you get when you have to take medicines and are told "sit down, rest, and heal." For more than a few months, as Paul's doctors would chime in with this chorus, he'd come back with "la, la, la, la, I can't hear you." Or something close to that. Today, he's listening.

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And go see those Raiders in concert because you'll love every minute of the music of your childhood.
In the story you'll find links to send messages to Paul because--although he can't be on the road right now--he can be on the computer reading Facebook posts and e-mails. Tell him why you love his music. That will keep him in smiles. He's resting up for the 2015 "Where the Action Is" cruise from Concerts at Sea! Want to know more about that? Visit and Harmon Travel and happy sailing!

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